January 9th, 2008


Microbiology: the first two lectures

Starting a new subject with a brand new teacher, and for once, I think the teacher is more nervous than the students. I hope he calms down enough to finish his sentences, and wait for that flash of awareness or recognition before he moves on to the next slide. I was left behind for most of his lecture, which was scattered and incomplete. The notes, furthermore, were incomplete (lacking images) and wildly disorganized (repetitive but without logic to the order). Welcome to NCNM.

But this study of microbes is very important, so I need to keep up with it. I have never taken microbio before. The closest I've come is learning about all the causes of food poisoning as part of becoming a Coconino County (Arizona) approved Food Manager (certified to supervise Food Handlers). So I will begin the process of transcribing my notes and looking up everything that I didn't get on the first run through.

First, a quiz:
A. What was the leading cause of blindness prior to 1800?
B. When was the first report of Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium now known to cause stomach ulcers?
C. What was the first commercial antibiotic, what was it for, and when was it produced?
D. What is the ultimate microbial symbiosis (from the human perspective)?
E. What specific state of infection contradicts Koch’s 3rd postulate?
F. What specific person has historically been used to contradict Koch’s Postulate?
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looks like fraud got McCain his NH %

It appears that not only was Ron Paul's total more like 15% and McCain's far LOWER, it is also possible that fraud boosted Hillary to her spot above Obama. The powers that be would be completely satisfied with a McCain/Hillary contest. The people would have already lost all, before the presidential election even began.

Three interesting tidbits here, the first a youtube vid showing NH results on the Boston Globe website that you can no longer access (I think they're slammed). The second is some info on handcounts in a few places in NH, and the third a story about how Dr Paul's 31 votes in a small town somehow got lost. Our elections are already corrupt. Even at the primary level there is extensive tampering.

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