December 18th, 2007


John Edwards on offer

Well a friend of mine convinced me to look at John Edwards as a potential Dem candidate for president. So I went to the website, and not finding an answer to my question, I sent the question by email: What do you plan to do about our 9 trillion dollar national debt? I have not received an answer. Instead I have been added to an email list from which I get constant hollywood tripe making Edwards out to be some kind of heroic Wyatt Earp. BS, frankly. I actually watched this trailer ( because I was hoping for statements about something that matters, but all I got was a horny soundtrack and lots of stars and stripes and feelgood smiles. I do not give ONE SHIT how cute his kids are. Enough! If I am going to consider Edwards then he needs to GET REAL with me somehow, right away. I am not susceptible to feelgood music, stars, stripes, and pretty smiles. I seek substance.

New US Military Budget Is 76% ABOVE Cold War Average

Part of what gives me hope is that our own active military contains many voices critical of a budget that gives the military industrial complex so much dough. What about our infrastructure here at home? What about all the poor people who are dying of cancer because they can't afford to go get diagnosed, much less treated? This new budget, passed last week for 2008, is the most amazing violation of the principles of this country yet. WTF!? The congress that passed this budget is both Democrat and Republican. How did YOUR candidate vote on the budget??? Are those supposedly progressive Democrats playing dead again? Playing deaf? Playing dumb? How long can they just lie there and let the administration take off with our money?? Who is looking out for the taxpayer? Hmmmmmm???? Argh.
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