December 14th, 2007


The Cat Chronicles

Shakti the kitten just came back in through the study window. She likes this place, she has the view. From the roof she can drop down to the porch railing and traverse the fence tops to the trees. There's a tree just outside the kitchen window that has numerous fine perches from which she can scope out the neighboring yards. When inside she sits in the window and watches the birds and squirrels on the power lines. She seems to be settling down some. She still turns into a little hellion every now and then, scampering about wildly and pawing at nothing. She also attacks Vida the pug when she gets in this mode. Shakti stalks with her ears down and back. She could pounce at any time, the pug is unaware, but she waits. It appears to me that she just gets more pissed off the longer she waits to attack. It is amusing to watch though I think it is hard on the pug to be so hated by a cat. Vida has lived with cats that snuggled her before, so one that attacks is not so nice.
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