December 8th, 2007


Venezuela update

I have been following president Hugo Chavez ever since he made that remark about smelling sulfur in the air after a Bush visit to his turf. Not surprisingly, the US corporate media writes him off as a madman, and the reporting is skewed to hide the fact that he is popular in his own nation and around the world. But what I had not realized is the extent to which the CIA has operated in the past, and is operating now, in Venezuela trying to upset Chavez's cart. Here's some info about the recent constitutional referendum, with links to articles about CIA activities.

Here are a few articles from the proposed constitutional revision that was not passed:
Article 21: Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and health.
Article 64: Establish adequate housing as a right for all Venezuelans.
Article 87: Create a social security fund for Venezuelans who are self-employed or employed in the informal sector.
Article 90: Decrease the workweek from 44 hours to 36 hours.
Article 103: Mandate that all public education, up to and including university, be free of charge.
Article 272: Require the penitentiary system to orient its work towards the full rehabilitation of prisoners and to respect their human rights during incarceration.