November 25th, 2007


3 bridge day

Today I took a break from studying and Suzanne and I went downtown. We walked over the 17th Ave and caught a bus that took us near the Ross Island bridge, where we jumped off, crossed a street and got on a 19 going across the Ross Island bridge (#1) downtown. We rode to the north end of downtown and got off in Chinatown, and walked down to the Saturday Market (yes I know it's Sunday). The marimba band that I had heard before was playing again! I was so pleased. The band is Boka Marimba, and I bought a CD, but the music coming from little computer speakers cannot compare with the vibrant sound of this band live. They are incredible. The whole crowd was smiling and dancing, as before. We listened to them for 3 long songs, then walked the market, checking out the arts and crafts. Then we threaded our way past the gauntlet of homeless people on the stairs to walk out on the Burnside bridge (#2). We found a corner in the sun and out of the wind, and stopped there for a few minutes to watch the boats and the city. By the time walked back from the bridge we were really cold. It isn't that cold here, but for some reason 40 degrees here seems a lot colder than 20 in Flagstaff. We ducked into a bar for a coffee with Baileys and some pizza. Once we were warm, we went back out on the street and waited for another bus, taking the 4 across the Hawthorne Bridge (#3) to Division. It was good to get out on the town with Suzanne. We haven't gone out much. The bus system here is quite good.
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