October 24th, 2007


Brons exams in the rearview mirror

I'm learning....at this point I'm learning that I was working too hard, trying to understand too much. A lot of what I need to do in this program is conserve my energy and don't let the piss poor lectures and notes get in the way of my enjoyment of life. So I just finished the 2nd Brons exam for the week (1st was musculoskeletal anatomy, 2nd was organ systems: the heart) and I believe I did well on both of them. I didn't study much at all.....just went over the material the day before the exam, and the morning before the exam. That's all it took. I looked up the heart physiology surrounding signalling in a physiology book and otherwise just memorized literally the bogus notes we were given. I didn't learn much but I got a better grade. I resent still that these lectures and notes are as poor as they are. I attribute it to this professor being burned out. He needs a break of about a year during which he should be paid to go through his own notes and reorganize/edit them for clarity and currentness. He's been using them so long that he doesn't remember how to TEACH them.
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