October 19th, 2007


standing in the hall

On the bottom floor of the 3 story brick building that houses NCNM there is a row of computer terminals lining one wall of the hall. There are several printers also lined up, and during the daytime students are at every terminal checking email and printing course notes from e-reserves. Now I'm the only one standing here. The library is closed. I am officially at "work" doing my security job. I just cleaned out the three fridges in the student lounge. Well, not really. I didn't clean them, I just tossed all the rotting food in the trash. The non-rotting food continues to sit there, and the leakage from the entire first 6 weeks of school is still in there. Maybe next shift I'll really clean them. It's not "my job" but somebody really should. I also just walked around the entire school and checked all the windows and doors and classrooms that were still open. No bums around, just students and staff. This job is easy but it is not rewarding. I would rather be at home. I took this job so that I could apply for food stamps. I have never had food stamps before but being a student qualifies me as poor enough, as long as I have a workstudy job.
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