October 3rd, 2007


Have a Heart: Learning Anatomy in a Cadaver Lab

Today at 8am I went into the lab and held in my hands a human heart. I have studied anatomy many times before. I have dissected a living pregant mouse, a frog, and a pelican whose gut contents did not reveal the reason he was dead on the beach. I have dissected a fetal pig, complete with colored plastic injected into his arteries and veins. I have held a cow's heart in my hands. I have studied the flows and construction of hearts. But holding a human heart is different.

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Songs from Stansbury

Gillian Stansbury is the instructor for two of my classes, and I can see that I will take more electives from this lady. She is an illustrator, herbalist, a philosopher, artist, musician--she has many talents. She is teaching the ND1 class on Naturopathic Philosophy and History, and I am also taking Northwest Herbs I from her. In the philosophy class the other day she taught us two songs. I want to get the words down Collapse )