September 29th, 2007


West Linn Days are Numbered

My computer died on Thursday. Or maybe Wednesday, but I didn't discover it for a while. Today I took it to the "Genius Bar" at the Apple store in downtown Portland and they fixed it -- for free! The power control unit on the mother board needed to be reset. That's it. Phew! When my machine chimed I told the guy "You ARE a genius!"

I had a lovely bike ride back up to NCNM from downtown Portland. The school is very close to town. I am going to start going to town one day a week after school, just because I enjoy the city so much. It hums, and I hum right along with it. I love to see all the crazy wild people on the sidewalks. There was a lady sitting on her jacket on the sidewalk, playing violin---wow she was incredibly good! Music makes me happy.
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