September 12th, 2007


Day 3 Stress Rant

I feel like I'm unravelling.....the stress of not liking my homespace combined with the new program, truck problems, general school stress.....have added up to me feeling like things are on the edge of coming apart entirely. I can't find my tea, keep loosing my watch and wallet and keys and ID and cell phone.....I don't seem to be able to bring the right stuff with me to school......I don't like feeling this way. It's as if there is pressure from all sides.
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I can barely believe that I live in a household with three adults who do not know about NPR. I have never lived with such "mainstream" people and I confess to being glad that I haven't mentioned my blog to them. This American Life plays at 8pm on Wednesday nights here. I'm listening now. It's a program about our inner demons.