September 2nd, 2007


My gamer fragged your honor student

Went for a walk this morning and laughed out loud when I saw the "gamer" sticker on someone's car. I don't even know what it means to frag somebody, but it doesn't matter. Down by the river I bumped into Don again, and Barbara & Larry. I'm getting to know the neighbors by using the community park. They are just like people anywhere. Don is 63, divorced, and mad at me for being too young. I told him I'm a lesbian. But he's still going to take me for a ride on his boat this afternoon. I'm sure he's hoping I'll show up in the eentsiest bikini but he's SOL. We sat on a point over the river and talked for a long time. He's full of info about Oregon and how things work around here. I now know that I shouldn't update my car registration until it expires, and I should get my engine rebuild and emissions check done just before that.
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