August 26th, 2007


The Cat Chronicles: Sleepless Night before Final Departure

Just a couple hours after Suzanne left, the cat woke up and figured out that she is trapped. I have kept the windows open for her entire lifetime and now they are closed but for a too skinny crack. She's been meowing around the room and keeping me awake since then, so I finally got up. Made egg salad with the hard boiled eggs, cilantro and green onion. Packed up most everything. The next step after this is to get the cat into the cage, and then I can come and go through the doors without her running off. I am sad to restrict her freedom--she is a wild thing at heart. But she is going with me, and knowing this brings joy to my heart.

I have a sad heart too, for leaving all the people here who are special to me. That trite saying about not knowing what you have until it's time to let go of it is still true for me.

First stop is Terry & Terry's house, to get 3 crates of books that I don't have to store, after all. Then I'm driving a 10' Uhaul truck with my truck up on an "auto hauler" behind it toward Salt Lake City. I probably won't make it all the way there today, unless I get a really good nap in. Tomorrow night I hope to be in Boise.