August 20th, 2007


Awake in the Very Early Morning

I awoke before dawn from a dream. In the dream I drove my little truck down a steep dirt slope to the river, thinking that there was a less steep way to drive back out. Once down there I found that I could not drive back out with my mere two wheel drive; all the routes back up to the road were steep enough to roll me over endwise. After each attempt my truck would slide all the way into the river and nearly choke off, but I was able to drive it back out of the water. I saw a jeep trying to ford the tributary stream just upstream from the beach where my truck was trapped, and the jeep got swept into the river and stopped just before it was taken downstream.

I was grateful when I awoke far enough to realized that my truck was not really trapped, it was just a dream. I've been awake ever since. The roosters across the Dell started crowing at least an hour before first light. Now we're on 9th or 10th light---the black turned to a glow, then to blue, and the clouds are lit from the bottom now, but the sun is not up yet. The roosters are still going off, more voiciferously than ever. I usually don't hear the roosters---I am usually asleep this time of day.
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