August 19th, 2007


Movin' On

In the last two years I have transitioned my music collection to my computer. Digital music has changed the way that I listen. The ability to play random songs from a host of artists means I have become familiar with quite a few artists that I might have never discovered, even though I had their music in my collection. I sent the core nugget of my favorite CD's to a friend in TN who will keep them for me. I distributed my entire Ani Difranco collection (I had most of her work) to girlfriends, to keep it in circulation. I got rid of the remainder by selling them for two bucks each at my yard sale, and giving away the rest.
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Iraq War Vet and Demolitions Expert has his say on 9/11

This is the best article I've found on 9/11. Torin Wolf joined the army on 9/11/00. He explains why and how the government's story about the collapse of the World Trade Center is totally bogus, and has dozens of excellent supporting links. Thanks to aegis_one.