August 16th, 2007


Obituary: Through a Breaking Dam

My life is rushing forward now, things that have been long delayed are happening. This morning my grandmother died. My father's mother is no more. She lived a full life and was 97. She was an early example for me of a self-sufficient working woman--she was an ad-woman for a newspaper.

Ever since she was put in her retirement "home" she has been miserable and wished to die. She said it was a jail. The loss of her freedom and independence was more than she could bear. She lived independently rather late in life but her falls kept getting worse. I worry about my father. He has been conflicted about this inevitable event for a long time, and now that it has happened he may be conflicted about it from the other side.


The young woman that I was going to live with in Portland has bailed out, isn't going to NCNM and isn't moving to PDX, and I just sent a money order yesterday. So I'm homeless again and none of these leads I've followed lately have gone anywhere. ARHGGH!!!!

I have discovered that people do not want to take in a new roommate if they can't meet you in person. I understand this but I am not there yet!