August 9th, 2007


How Did the US Government Get this Corrupt?

I've been blaming our situation on a complacent and comfortable populace. As long as we are fat and happy, we aren't likely to start a revolution. But this editorial (behind cut) proposes that there is an inherent weakness and timidity among liberals---an unwillingness to grasp power and use it.

I think they're right, but I don't understand. Why are liberals like this? What is wrong with wielding power?

Pelosi's statement that impeachment is off the table is a prime example of someone who is in a position of power but doesn't want to appear to want the power. She should be saying "Look out guys, we'll remove you and I'll take over if you don't start flying right". It is exactly her responsbility as Speaker of the House to take that power if needed. I pick on Pelosi but we have an entire congress of wimpy representatives who would rather say "bad boy" than to take the stick away from the bullies and use it themselves to enforce proper behavior.

Even the timid and the shy can break out of old habits and become outspoken proponents of truth. Each of us so-called Americans who do not actively participate in guiding our representatives needs to break out and take action too. My pen is greased: lots of congressmen and senators are hearing from me. It's time for all of us to take our responsibility to this nation seriously.

Democracy requires an educated and involved populace, or it will fall. Ours is making whistling noises, it's falling so fast.

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Grand Canyon Gossip: Chapman Eloped

Yep. The fastidious longterm Lee's Ferry ranger has tied the knot, with a lawyer that he met through the Steve Savage prosecution. (Savage was running pirate trips using permits issued to dead people. It's not just for voting anymore.) Anyway, Dave Chapman and Camille D Bibles eloped on Monday. CONGRATS to them!