August 8th, 2007


Barack Obama as Deluded as the Neoconservatives

gavin6942 writes in this post that Obama is no better than the Republicans because he also believes that the US has the right to go around fighting optional wars in foreign countries. This is in fact against international law. America's doctrime of "preemptive war" is the biggest reason that the nations of the world fear us. As they rightly should.

Gavin's words made me chuckle:

"Assassinating terrorists on foreign soil is no more legal than a hunter shooting varmints in his neighbor's back yard. Just as it is no more right for American leaders to make blatant threats than for "rogue" nations to do so. By our own logic, Cuba and Venezuela have every right to fire missiles into Miami to eradicate the killers we harbor here."

The Moment that Life Begins

I read today that Ron Paul said life begins at conception. If he really believes this then I have a bone to pick with him. Life is continuous. The egg is alive. The sperm is alive. It swims! Life is a flow from one being to another. Otherwise we would not be here. To abort a child at any stage is stopping a life. We stop lives all the time. I don't understand how the abortion issue is removed from the war issue. But I do see that sometimes the end of one life is beneficial to many other lives. I don't know about "right" and "wrong". We need to get past the whole question of abortion. Choosing to end a pregnancy is not "playing God", it is just what people do in order to manage families and civilizations. Certainly it is better to use a condom than to throw a live baby in a dumpster. Nobody would abort if they hadn't gotten pregnant in the first place. Let's focus on ways of managing our fertility rather than forcing people to raise unwanted children that they will then mistreat and turn into axe murderers. Please.

The Cat Chronicles

Well I couldn't do it. It was too short notice, and unnecessary. Shakti can stay here for a couple more weeks, and I think I want her here. She's good for me. Calming. Pleasant. Beautiful. I'm considering how much money I'd have to make in the moving sale to earn her transition. Maybe ... but it is good to know that I have a friend who will gladly take her in. I checked out my friend's new apartment today, and as long as Shakti can figure out to stay off the fast road she'll make it. There is a stream of traffic not far from the apartment. The kitten doesn't know about fast cars because she's been here at the end of the road. For now she is here at the Barn, playing in plastic bags and tormenting the neighbor's dogs. And my heart is happy. I was feeling terribly sad about taking her away today, and realized that I didn't have to. Not yet.