August 1st, 2007


Politicians don't get no respect--for a REASON

As long as all these contenders for president and congress are being nice and polite to the band of criminals that has taken over our government, they are no better. What is the point of making deals with the devil? It gets us nowhere. There is no being rational with the irrational ways of our current administration. The way to invigorate and ennoble our democracy is to IMPEACH Bush AND Cheney. Without getting real about the depths to which we have fallen, we will not be able to climb back out.

Here's Eliot D Cohen's argument for immediate impeachment instead of waiting for '08 to oust the bastards:

He anticipates that there will be another terrorist attack right on time to allow our current government to proclaim martial law prior to the '08 presidential election. If we let it get that far, what will we do then???

So here's the GOOD NEWS:
95,000 people have already voted in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll!!! That's a lot.
Dennis Kucinich has introduced a bill to impeach and 11 congressmen have signed on!!