July 8th, 2007


Tip of the Right Index Finger Lamb Stew

As you may guess from teh title and the sloppyt typing, my pointer finger is heavily bandaged. I had leftover leg of lamb from the 4th of July and carved off the rest of the meat. Thenn I simmered the bone, and pulled off the last few slivers of meat. The bone went to C's wolf dog. The slivers were simmered down to just meat and fat, then I added coconut oil, onions, garlic, and celery. After those had turned soft and translucent, I added potatoes and carrots, and also the spices. I started with salt and black pepper, and added some cinnamon and cumin. That's not a combination I have ever used before, but I found it in a recipe online. The recipe also called for ginger, but I didn't have any ginger. The dish smelled too strongly of cinnamon, which is not my favorite spice alone, even though Mercola says it helps modulate blood sugar levels. I started digging through the spice bin for something that would balance that cinnamon candy-ness.

I added some berebere chili powder from Ethiopia, and also some turmeric, which contains curcumin, the stuff that makes your food yellow and your cancer shrink. After the spices were heated in oil, I added some hot water and a lid, to cook the potatoes. I also threw in some raisins, a can of tomato sauce and the juice of a lemon. It started to smell good. I chopped some red pepper to throw in later. I chopped up some more lamb to add to the stew, and had chopped about half of the remainder when I missed the meat with my knife.
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