June 19th, 2007


The Science of Gaydar

It turns out that gays are different from heteros in a number of minor ways....finger length, hair whorl direction, handedness....not that it all adds up to anything decisive, but it is interesting all the stuff that people are studying in relation to gayness. I wish there were some broad endocrinological studies, of the mothers during pregnancy, of the developing children, and of the sexually identified adults. I think hormones are the main reason why some people are gay, though of course there can be many factors.

Here's an interesting article, by a gay man, about the difference:

Fish Imports From China Increase, and are YUCKY

I'm convinced that the business people of China would just as soon poison Americans as feed us. I read the other day that now 75% of the garlic on grocery store shelves is coming from China! Yikes. I EAT garlic.

My latest scare is about Chinese FISH imports. The fish being sent to us from China is so gross that the FDA is actually rejecting some shipments!! For once the FDA is doing something right!

"China became the leading exporter of seafood to the U.S. in 2004 – and amounts are rising fast. Chinese imports were up 14 percent in 2005 and 23 percent in 2006. This year, so far, they are up 34 percent over 2006."

Here's the story on FISH imports from China (warning: this information may impair your ability to buy fish at the grocery store):

The Cat Chronicles

Shakti just bit me. I finally got a good feel of her left hind foot, and though she is walking on it, she did not like my checking it out. There is the scabby lump over the puncture wound, but there is also a lump in the bottom of her foot. I couldn't tell if it was a broken bone or just swollen tissue. It was pretty hard. She stopped me from feeling it with a warning bite--didn't break the skin, but she could have. She got her message across.
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