June 6th, 2007


The Cat Chronicles: the Kitten's been Bitten

I didn't notice it until last night, the chomp on her back left paw. I think a dog got ahold of her back foot. She won't let me touch it. That paw is feverish. I am not sure how to recognize infection through all that fur. She's been laying around a lot, too, not kittenish at all. Quiet too. She isn't meowing as much as she was before I left. I guess she's trying to heal. Go kitten! Heal! (How's that for doctoring? =-])

I was going to meet a girlfriend for breakfast today, but she cancelled. I was going to meet my prof from the Jung class some time ago to talk about dream symbolism, but he hasn't replied yet to my email and I don't have a phone number for him. So I am FREE and going for a walk. It's dusty, dry, windy---the typical GRIT IN YOUR TEETH springtime weather of Flagstaff, Arizona. I'll go in the trees where there won't be so much dirt in the air.