May 24th, 2007


For President in 2008: Ron Paul

He's a Republican Congressman from Texas, and his name is Ron Paul. He's widely known as being more Libertarian than Republican. I am now registered Republican, because I believe that it is time for the vast majority of Republican incumbents to be ousted and disgraced, but that does not mean that the principles and policies inherent to the party are wrong. I would like to see a new breed of politicians take over the Grand Old Party and run with it, and Ron Paul is just the sort I have in mind. What do you think?
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Fascinating Read

This guy--Gavin C Schmitt--has a better understanding of modern world events than most. I need to read him more carefully. I found him because he commented on the fact that I put the wrong picture up on the Ron Paul post. He's on LJ, let me go find his handle....

Edit: unlocked. Also, GCS's handle is gavin6942