May 18th, 2007


Landmark Day: a publisher asked me to write a book

This morning I went for a walk in the forest to calm my mind, and then was back in my small apartment, sitting and breathing and sipping tea, when my cell phone rang. Usually when the cell phone rings it's some crisis at work. But this time it was Bob Sehlinger, an old time Southern boater and publisher too. He explained to me that he was very impressed with my book (Riverese) but that it was too serious and they didn't have a market for it and weren't going to publish it. He was willing to do a much reduced "cute" and "funny" version of it, chock full of Nealy cartoons, and that might happen in the future, but today I only felt lukewarm about that option. My book is academic because I am academic. If you take your favorite 100 definitions (out of 2,500) from the lexicon, and put cute illustrations with it, and change the definitions to be funny instead of factual, it isn't my book at all anymore.
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