April 28th, 2007


Arsenic in Chicken

About a year ago I had my hair tested and found out that I have above "normal" mercury levels (I think because I eat sashimi) and even higher levels of arsenic in my body. Someone told me that I could have gotten the arsenic in my body from the chicken that I ate, but at the time I didn't find anything online about it. I checked my water sources and it wasn't in there. I learned that you can get arsenic poisoning from automotive smog, and I do live in a Dell downwind of two interstate highways.

Today Mercola has an article up about arsenic poisoning in chicken: it may be common.


The Cat Chronicles: The Traveling Wolf Dog

Yesterday my friends Leland and Andria (and their wolf dog) passed through Flagstaff. We go back, in fact I knew both of them before they met each other. This time they are headed to the Left Coast to paddle for the summer. Their paddling tour begins at the Kern river, and then goes north as the summer progresses. I think they plan to head home from Canada in August. They should be kayaking tomorrow. It's all a business expense, all this travelling and kayaking. They write guidebooks about rivers, and make yoga videos for climbers/paddlers/hikers/bicyclists, and sell them at http://www.brushymountainpublishing.com.
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