April 27th, 2007


Fed Up

I just called in to work and begged out of the lunch meeting today. I have had it. Yesterday I spent more than half of the day running the trucks back and forth to the shop, and trying to get our computer systems up again after a pretty good electrical surge knocked things around. In the little bit of time I spent at my desk, I was barraged with questions from everyone who is there. The woman who is training to take over my position asks "why is this like this?" every time something is not perfect. Well the reason things are not perfect is that I don't have time to make them perfect, so stop asking questions and start WORKING is what I want to say. I also don't randomly change things from the way the owner sets them up. I see no reason to change things if they are working. I wish I had an office door that I could shut. The shut door would mean "save your question, I'm busy". If I were not interrupted constantly all day long, I would not make as many mistakes as I do.
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