April 22nd, 2007


The Cat Chronicles: Bells, Beers and Guns

Shakti got her bell off this morning. She's feeling friskier than she has in some time, and was trying to jump up onto the kitchen counter while I was making my smoothie. After she got it off, she played with it for a long time, and now she is hiding under the denim carpet, waiting to pounce on something, anything!
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FDA Watch: One way to keep an eye on them

The Organic Consumers Organization is often how I find out about what's going on. Agribusiness would love to irradiate ("nuke") all our food, because that way they can avoid things like e-coli on spinach. Never mind the damage it does to the food, and the strange chemicals it produces. And agribusiness has been trying for years to adjust the meaning of "organic" to suit themselves. Foods labelled "organic" are showing up everywhere--but the businesses are circumventing organic standards as avidly as they play "loophole" with the tax code. Now there's the recent move by the FDA to regulate supplements. There are many ways that the pharmaceuticals and agribusiness are trying to corner us into buying their products.

Anyway, they have a great bi-weekly newsletter distributed by email, I recommend it to anyone who wants to eat well, and wants to see small farms and legitimately organic food survive: