March 25th, 2007


Leslie is the most miserable person I know

I put a blooming orchid in the bathroom last night as a gesture of goodwill and to beautify the common space. I moved the bundle of cheap plastic flowers. This morning at 6am Leslie woke me up with her bitching through the walls at my having put live flowers in the bathroom. She said "Too bad, you don't like that, too bad." She woke me in a bad way with her bitter ranting, and made it clear that she didn't like the orchid. She shoved the orchid to the side to put her plastic flowers back. Later I took the orchid back to my room. Cheap plastic flowers for the bathroom it is.

I look forward to living far far far from her nasty energy. Such vicious sarcasm and oozing hatred is poisonous to everyone. My cat can't stand her. I keep trying to keep my heart open, to give her lovingkindness. But it is really challenging. I positively despise her at this moment. She will rot in her own hell no matter what I do.