March 24th, 2007


MERCURY contamination of fish reaches new high

Mercola is no longer the only doctor who is recommending that we avoid eating fish altogether. He also says that flax seed oil does not provide adequate omega 3 oils, and that we should supplement with fish oil that has been tested and certified free of mercury. I guess I'm going to have to give up sushi.

Here's Mercola on the health risks of consuming mercury-contaminated food:

Nelbert's Salt River Trip, March 17-22

On the morning of Saint Patrick's Day the river was running 1,000 CFS and we were rigging and shuttling and packing for a six day float. Nelbert had two kegs of Mogollon beer, not to mention a substantial supply of canned swill. One one of the four rafts was a box filled all the way with bottles of booze.
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