March 12th, 2007


Kunstler's ideas

After Kunstler's talk at NAU, an insight is still worming its way through my consciousness. It's a simple one, of which I was already aware, but Kunstler brought it to the forefront. Our economy is based on making more of the very things we need to get away from, for sustainability's sake. Our GNP looks as good as it does because we put our money into war, building things like modular suburbs and infrastructure for automobiles, and providing everyone with cheap plastic crap. And none of these things are essential for life. Our economy serves the people as long as we wish to kick ass for oil, drive our cars, and have nice houses in the suburb. In order for us to rebuild sustainable local economies, our current economy must crater. Yes, I'm rooting for the demise of our corporation dominated global economy along with the conspiring imperialist governments. When our economy finally tanks, we'll be headed in the right direction.
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