March 7th, 2007


The Bike Beat

This winter I went 46 days without riding my bike. Seems to happen every winter. I stop riding when it gets dark at 5pm, and I start having trouble finding my way through the woods going home from work. It takes me about a month to get my lights and gloves and everything set, and get past my fear of the cold. And when it gets snowy, crusty, or muddy, that is an additional impediment. The cinders lining the roadsides are an additional challenge that lasts for a long time after each snow. But when it gets warm in March I'm ready to ride.

Last week I dusted off the bike and went for a joy ride. I've ridden at least a little every day since then. When Flagstaff traffic is frustratingly slow (Friday afternoons & weekends), it is especially satisfying to ride. I can get where I'm going faster by bike, especially considering the time it takes to find parking and walk to my destination. On a bike you always get front door parking.
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