October 31st, 2006


Testosterone and Modern Endocrine Accidents

Human hormones are being altered by the hormonal inputs to foods we eat, the containers we store our food in, and toxins that we are exposed to in everything from our drinking water to our air. The endocrine system guides our development, and great trouble can be caused by manipulating children's hormones. Bovine growth hormone, which is used in nearly all commercial beef, causes kids to grow to be giants. This problem is only going to get more visible, as more children turn into mutants. The EPA was supposed to create a screening program a decade ago but according to Mercola it was blocked by chemical manufacturers. Hmmmm.

This link mentions a couple of very young children who began to grow pubic hair (we're talking kindergarten age) because........their father was using a testosterone cream and they absorbed it through their skin. It also offers a list of how you can minimize your own exposure to endocrine-altering chemicals.


And here's another one about kids hitting puberty in their very early years: