October 26th, 2006


They're Gonna Build a 700 Mile Long Fence

A fence along our southern shared border with Mexico..... The corporate milkers didn't get the "guest worker" program that they were going for (which would allow I'm sure a different standard for pay and hours worked than what is required for citizens).... But they are going to build the fence. Shrub signed the bill, it becoma law today. "Tough on Border Security" is the flag they're waving. I wonder which big contractor gets that gig. Haliburton?

And when I read about the fence I think of aegis1. He wrote (in a comment re: racism) that he grew up outrunning and outfighting natives intent on beating the snot out of him. He said he would run through bottlenecks like fences where he could then take them on one at a time.

Didn't I say, a month or two ago, that it was time to invest in security fencing? I didn't get on it fast enough. Blast, who's the contractor!?