July 20th, 2006


An Inconvenient Truth

Went to see this movie as promised, and was riveted. Al Gore showed lots of graphs and maps illustrating the science of global warming. The data presented is not new, and it supports what anyone who believes in science has accepted for years. Back when I was just a twinkle, Gore had a professor in college who pointed out the accretion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and predicted climate change. All this time Gore has known it. He has tried to communicate the escalating risk and need to act to congress and the public. He admits that he failed. It obviously pains him. He has children. I don't. But I still wish for the survival of our species. I pray for the children, for Wren and Ben and Sylas and Abigail and Noah and Pearl...all these sweet young lives that will see things we cannot imagine from today. I still hope for peace and kinship and love and kindness. And hard times are coming, as I have been saying for years now.....in one sense I feel vindicated by Gore's work. People tell me I'm out on a limb, but now Gore is on that same limb with me. His movie is very personal, and I believe anyone with a heart will hear his story. Take people to see it if you think there might be hope. I rate this movie: A.
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