June 28th, 2006


Vocabababble: Victim/Witness Services

cargo cult = a religion, originally of the southwestern Pacific islands (Melanesia), who believe that ancestral spirits will return to the island bringing modern consumer goods and wealth. This term used by Kunstler to describe the way that Americans believe the coming energy shortage will be solved by existing renewable energy technologies.

exculpatory = likely to prove someone's innocence. One of the two exceptions to the confidentiality agreement for volunteers in Victim/Witness Services is if we are given exculpatory information. The other exception is if we hear that someone may hurt themselves or may or has hurt others, or especially children.

soporific = causing sleep or drowsiness, or dull or boring.

arraignment = a hearing at which the accused is asked to answer to an indictment, ie to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. Usually the second time in court, after the initial appearance.

Bolshevik = a member of the extremist wing of the Russian Social Democrat party led by Lenin that siezed power in Russia by the Revolution of November 1917. Communist. Hitler hated the Bolsheviks.

ACRONYMS that were rolling off the speakers' tongues in VWS TRAINING:

COR = conditions of release
LE = law enforcement
DV = domestic violence
NACASA = Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault
VAV = Victim Advocate Volunteer
FPD = Flagstaff Police Department
WPD = Williams Police Department
CCSO = Coconino County Sherriffs Department
HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, enacted by US congress in 1996. Protects coverage for folks who loose their jobs. Requires national standards and addresses security/privacy issues. Doesn't do anything for me.