June 21st, 2006


a transgendered biologist challenges Darwin on homosexuality


Fascinating article.

Also, here's a story about a transgendered scientist who went from being female (Barbara) to male (Ben) and discovered that the discrimination that had prevented his research from being accepted was transformed into respect.....with his change in appearance and gender identity.


the testosterone pages continue

The home field advantage could be due to increased T in the home team prior to games--theoretically to help them defend their turf:


You can get a drug that will lower your T to "castrate serum" levels--for control of sexual drive in adult men--it's approved in Sweden:


Low T may be linked to type 2 Diabetes:


And a bit of reporting swiped from Seed Magazine at:


Fall Flat

In autumn, the leaves fall, the temperatures fall and our sexy spring figures fall. According to a study accepted for publication by the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, the location of our body fat changes along with the seasons. As testosterone levels start to rise in the summer, women gain fat around their waists, giving them a higher waist-to-hip ratio. Men experience the opposite effect, losing weight from their midsection as autumn approaches. Neither of the fall fashions looks particularly good: The literature shows that the curvaceous look of a low waist-to-hip ratio uniformly appeals to men, and chicks dig the more uniform, manlier physique on men.
(source: Discovery News)
also: http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/journaldescription.cws_home/473/description#description

And an interesting article on MALE MENOPAUSE AND TRT testosterone replacement therapy: