June 15th, 2006


Drive a Stick Shift

On NPR this morning, a report says that in 2001 16% of US drivers surveyed said their next vehicle would have a manual transmission. That percentage has fallen, in spite of the fact that standard transmissions are 10-15% more fuel efficient than automatics. One commenter noted that teenagers don't want stick shifts because "they can't talk on their cell phones and drink their starbucks" while they drive. YIKES!! It is cell phone talking idiots who most often fail to notice me riding my bike wearing bright colors in full view. The report noted that many people don't know HOW to drive a stick anymore. Just like most people don't know how to grow food anymore. When the shit hits the fan in this country, it is going to be UGLY. Ignorance of basic life skills is rampant, but we all know how to use a cell phone while driving.