March 6th, 2006


Crash won the Academy Awards

Cool! I think this is the first time that my favorite movie of the year actually won. If you haven't seen it yet, this is a classic. It's a difficult flick, painful to watch. The scene in which the white cop feels up the black woman while her husband cannot protect her had me as humiliated and enraged as any movie scene ever, so it's not entirely pleasant. The first time I saw it I cried in the parking lot after the movie. You who know me know I cry easily. But this movie is so very sad that it got inside me and stayed there. Crash vividly illustrates that every person is a mixed bag. We are all racist in some way, and we are all strong and good in some way. Even the vilest character in the movie has redeeming characteristics. Eventually, if you pay attention, you also understand the reasons for the vileness. There is always a reason. And the most upright and respectable character has viciousness and hatred. If you watch only the first half, you won't get it, because it takes time for all the characters to crash into each other, and for the story to play out.