February 8th, 2006


Jihad! The Muslims Seek Revenge for Cartoons

I had the opportunity to read more on this story, about the world of Islam erupting in violent indignation over some blasphemous cartoons. It turns out that some secular Arab governments and other folks with political aims have been using these cartoons and lots more to whip the populace into a frenzy for their own aims. It is similar to the use of 9/11 by the US government, to frighten citizens into giving the feds carte blanche to "protect" us.

As long as both sides in this escalating conflict case their arguments in terms of good and evil, we are doomed to a nasty WWIII. There is no reconciling with someone who calls you evil. America is the "Great Satan" to the Muslims. For many reasons. I don't know if nuclear devastation is already inevitable, but it seems probable coming from this angle. I don't believe the Shrub Regime when they say Iran is 10 years from having nuclear bomb capacity. They lie about everything else, so they probably are talking out of their asses about this item also.