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The Cat Chronicles

Last my sweet Shakti pissed on my bed the second night in a row. I didn't understand why until I looked inside her (enclosed) litter box and saw that she has been quite sick, and the box was unusable by her standards. I think that was what she was mad about, mad enough to piss right on my sleeping bag after pissing on my comforter the night before. So I cleaned it....completely. But she didn't want to come back inside. I haven't seen her since she pissed on my bed and went outside.

Yesterday was a long hard day at school, and when I got home Brian (homeowner) was talking about how his ex-lover wouldn't let him see "My Baby". He was chatting with housemate Lisa about what sort of token to bring for the first meeting with his child, and I asked if he was bringing a token for the child or for the mother. He said "for the child, the mother doesn't DESERVE a gift because she has kept me from seeing My Baby for 9 months". I refrained from saying anything about how it takes two to make a baby, and how all he contributed was a sperm and that was by accident anyway. He of course would argue that he has paid child support and that gives him rights to the child. It's a power struggle for him, and can be brought down to nickels and dimes. If I ever met a person who is more clueless about what is really important in life, I can't remember them. I would try to explain to him that it is important to form a respectful relationship with the mother of his child because he is going to be dealing with her for a long time now...but it's not worth explaining. He is hostile to her, and hostile to me because I have already attempted to elicit compassion for her from him. He has none.

So life has been rather tough, still. I have high hopes that I may be moving into my new place this weekend, and that I will be able to study once I am in there. I plan to move the essentials first and not worry about everything else right away. I have until the 28th to get out of Brian's house. And I really need to study. I haven't been able to really study either at home or at school. At home I am simply not comfortable, so technically is it NOT "home". And at school every time I break out a book people start joining me and it becomes social hour. Why does everyone want to study with me? All they do is pick my brains, get me to explain things to them, but they contribute relatively little to my comprehension of the material. For that reason I usually study alone.

Tonight I am going to Body Worlds. The exhibit is open only a short time more here in Portland, and I don't want to miss it. Tonight a couple of NCNM's anatomy instructors will be there to go on the tour with. I hope I can find them! I am excited to go.

This morning I drove my truck from my West Linn residence and parked it at the house on 14th where I hope to soon live. I then unloaded my bike and rode it to school. THAT is a much more manageable bike commute. I am really psyched to be moving closer into town. I get to cross the river on my bike commute, which I think will more than make up for loosing the state park across the street in West Linn. The long bike commute from West Linn works me up to a fully stinky lather---and so requires that I wear specialized clothing and shower and such. Riding only 15-20 minutes means I can ride in ordinary clothes and not have to change at school. What a relief!

Yesterday I spent at least 2.5 hours in my commutes by bus, largely because I just missed a bus at each end of the commute and spent a long time at the bus stop waiting for the next bus. That is too much time to spend. And it was too dark to study. I am glad that situation is ending.
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