liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Songs from Stansbury

Gillian Stansbury is the instructor for two of my classes, and I can see that I will take more electives from this lady. She is an illustrator, herbalist, a philosopher, artist, musician--she has many talents. She is teaching the ND1 class on Naturopathic Philosophy and History, and I am also taking Northwest Herbs I from her. In the philosophy class the other day she taught us two songs. I want to get the words down

The first song is a chant with a heavy beat and a melody reminiscent of many native chants:

We will rise with the fires of freedom
Truth is a fire that will burn our chains
We will stop the fires of destruction
Healing is a fire burning through our veins
Healing is a fire burning through our veins
(repeat many times)

The second song is about plants:

Standing on the ground
With our roots dug down
Our branches wide and open
Come down the rain
Come down the sun
Come down the fruit
To the heart that is open
to be
Standing on the ground
(this one is a round)
Tags: fire, freedom, healing, nature, nd1, plants, songs

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