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Anatomy Lab 3 Notes: Forearm and Hand

palmaris longus = origin: medial epicondyle of the humerus (the common flexor origin or CFO), insertion: palmar aponeurosis, in the center of the palm

pronator teres = origin: CFO. wraps laterally around the forearm, hard to see on cadavers. insertion: ???

flexor carpi radialis = o: CFO, i: thumb side of palm

flexor carpi ulnaris = o: CFO, i: pinkie side of palm

flexor digitorum superficialis = o: CFO and middle radius, batch of four tendons in center of wrist, i: fingers, middle phalanges

flexor digitorum profundus = deep version of above, goes all the way to 3rd phalanges

pronator quadratus = very deep on wrist

flexor pollicis longus = o: radius just distal to digitorum superficialis origin, i: thumb

pollicis = regarding the thumb

order of thumb (thenar) muscles: FAO
flexor pollicis brevis = near center of palm, medial, shortest of 3
abductor pollicis brevis = meatiest of thumb muscles, middle
opponens pollicis = most lateral of 3, deep to the other two

hypothenar (pinkie = digiti minimi) muscles:
flexor digiti minimi = brings pinkie to thumb
abductor digiti minimi = meaty one in middle
opponens digiti minimi = most medial and deepest

lumbricals = o: flexor digitorum profundus, "tata", flex fingers at metacarpo-phalangeal joints

nerves to hand:
median (thru carpal tunnel) = innervates thumb and 2.5 fingers
ulnar = pinkie and half of ring finger


humerus---capitulum (meets head of radius), trochlea (meets trochlear notch of ulna), medial (CFO) and lateral epicondyles, olecranon fossa

radius---head (round, rotates, needs a cap{itulum}), radial tuberosity (bicep insertion), neck, styloid process (distal)

ulna---trochlear notch (deep hooking notch), ulnar tuberosity, olecranon process (tricep insertion), coronid process (the other end of the notch from the olecranon, brachialis attachment???), another styloid process

Some lovers try positions that they can't handle.
Scaphoid, lunate, triquetrium, pisiform, trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate (w/ hook).
start proximal on thumb side
scaphoid = largest, base of thumb, proximal to trapezium
lunate =
triquetrium =
pisiform =
starting again at the thumb side, next row:
trapezium = big
trapezoid =
capitate =
hamate =
also note: sesamoid bone at 1st metacarpal-phalangeal joint (thumb side)
also noted: xray of hand disfigured by severe rheumatoid arthritis

Metacarpals = in palm
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