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Breaking Through the Stuck Energy

OK, so yesterday when my computer got fixed for free, and a few other things worked out to my benefit, I began to think that perhaps "my luck had changed". Only the way I think of it is more that I am cutting loose from a stuck place, moving forward in an energetic way. I think that going to a couple of yoga classes helped bust me loose. And cleaning my place. Washing my sheets and lighting a candle. I think playing the Boob Job Mix loud helped too.

Today before breakfast I went to fetch a Sunday paper, and circled every possibility, scribbled out every impossibility, trying to track down MY HOME. I called quite a few Property Management Companies but only one answered--the very first one that I called. Well I guess a few others answered, but this guy (Mel) was my favorite. He is friendly and functional on the phone, and he called me back, and I called him back. In the afternoon I was driving in the rain, up and down Milwaukee Ave and the surrounding neighborhood. I was on the East side of the river, north of Sellwood, in an area I now know is called Brooklyn. I think I might get to live in Brooklyn. Cool beans.

I was calling every "For Rent" sign phone number I could find. And that's when Mel called me back. He'd already rented the place in the southwest that I called about this morning. But when I told him where I was, he told me about a green house only a few blocks from where I was. He has an upstairs apartment available NOW. I like the neighborhood. Tree-lined streets, flowers overflowing, funky old houses with big porches. Reminds me of Fort Sanders in Knoxville, TN--without the chemical plant fumes. The river is only a few blocks to the west. It's PERRRRFECTLY located relative to downtown and school. I'll be able to bike everywhere I need to go. I didn't even know this until I came home and really studied the map.


So Mel is meeting me in the morning to show me the insides of the place. I have a feeling this is it. I have my file all set up: ID, previous landlord info, account stuff, everything that he might possibly ask for in an application. I'm going with this one. Ten thousand percent better than the make-do apartment in Bertha that I was thinking of going with. And I haven't even seen inside yet. It just doesn't matter. If I can live in the Barn, I can make that house work. I'm sure there's somewhere I can stow my kayaks, and maybe even a good shed for Suzanne's chainsaw.

It's time for something to work out. I have given it my energy for a long time now. I'm on a roll now. Maybe a few other things will work out too.

So here's the dentist that was recommended to me by my advisor at NCNM:
I think I'm going to sign up for a cleaning and let them xray my teeth, assuming that they want to. Seems to be one way that dentists make their money these days.
Tags: dental, feng shui, home, relocating, yoga

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