liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Dream: The Tiger

There is a tiger in the basement. She is a young tiger. I'm staying at someone else's house, and I ask the residents whose tiger she is. They say that she is nobody's tiger, she was left behind. She's 90-100 pounds, I'd guess, agile and athletic. I don't want to tackle her, but she isn't interested in me. She is long and lean and beautiful.

I don't remember everything that was going on, but what I do remember is that first the tigress catches Loki. Loki was my dog for about 7 years. The tigress catches Loki, toys with him, then eats him.

Then the next thing I know she has ahold of Shakti. She is tossing Shakti up in the air, and frolicking with glee. Just like Shakti used to do with the birds she caught. The innocent carnivore has no guilt, only joy in the act of tormenting another being to death. Shakti seems at peace, even though she tries to get away whenever she gets a chance. She is bleeding around her neck, and when the bigger cat has hold of her hind end, she is trying to clean the blood from herself.

I am only a witness. I take no action. I feel some horror, but also some curiosity, the brutality of the tigress that so perfectly matches the brutality of my own dear sweet kitten.

Tags: carnivores, cats, dreams, shakti

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