liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Cat Chronicles

Last night I couldn't find the kitten. It was the second time she spent a night out. This morning when I went to look for her, I saw the two dominant cats on the block sitting on a sidewalk just across the street from my house. I didn't think much of it until I had made my circle of the block, and back at that spot there was a noise up in the tree. My cat was up in the tree. I guess she'd gone up there to get away from the other two cats. They're ganging up on her.

No wonder she's not happy where she is.

I'm not happy there either. I look forward to finding my home. Tonight I will go visit a classmate's house and check out her situation. She has just a room for rent. She also has an 18 month old daughter and a musician housemate. The household atmosphere sounds lovely to me, international and musical. There are plans to start a garden next spring. There is a small yard. I hope there's a shed or garage somewhere that I can store all my outdoor gear.

I almost wish that I hadn't brought all this outdoor gear. The pursuit of recreation seems increasingly pointless to me. I don't want to drive great distances for a little taste of nature. I can get my dose of nature much closer to home. I don't have to go find snow so I can use my skis. The river in my back yard is fine. So I wonder about my choice to hold onto all this equipment. Yes, it would cost as much as a house to replace it all. But I don't know if I will ever use it again! And how much time and energy will I put into hauling it around and storing it? There comes a point when it is nicer to be fast and light. I'm thinking I've come to that point, but I haven't shed the layers of old lives just yet.
Tags: clutter, music, recreation, relocating, shakti

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