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Half Moon Mourning my Comminuted Heart

Moon slung in pink clouds as sun sets
Tears of joy and pain mix in my eyes
Can one have more broken hearts than cat's lives?
I think I have.

Today between classes I had 1.5 hours which went by so fast.....I went to the "energy medicine room" and practiced yoga, some sun salutations and pigeon pose to help my body break into its cycle. I ended up sitting lotus for a very long time, singing the Anusara invocation over and over again. Sometimes my throat would close and my voice would tremble or stop altogether. Tears rolled down my cheeks and throat. Other times the melody would run through me like water. I miss the Barn, I miss the yoga kula that I knew in Flagstaff, I mourn the loss of my innocence and so much of my hope. I mourn my many broken hearts. I mourn the sad lost souls of my family, and the empty ignorance of the people who surround me. I mourn for this country and this planet and this species. I mourn for everything that we have destroyed.

Tonight I logged on to my journal and some asshole had taken the time to comment calling my writing "tripe" and asking which is a greater waste of time, my writing or their reading it. I didn't respond. I find value in writing about daily stuff. It helps me to think, and to let go. My true friends are interested in the story of my life, and I am interested in their stories too. If this journal is boring to you, please don't feel that you need to leave a mean comment, just go somewhere else. Use the scroll button and move on by.
Tags: lotus, mourning, relocating, yoga

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