liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Morning Ruminations

I was awakened this morning by the light from my "dawn" alarm clock. It is a pleasant way to wake. Then I cranked up NPR (KOPB 91.5 Portland) to learn that my way of washing veggies (soak in vinegar solution) is the best! It kills 98% of the bacteria. The study reported this morning didn't address the issue of pesticides, but I've been told that vinegar removes those too.

Also in the news: Thirteen years ago OJ got away with murder. In my opinion. Because of that, now he thinks he can get away with more. I hope he gets put away this time. We can't afford to leave violent criminals on the loose. Even if he's rich enough to buy the best lawyers on the planet. And I don't give a shit what color he is.

I'm feeling better still! Thank goodness. I need to keep in mind that when the world seems unbearable, it's probably just a hormone imbalance, and deal with it at that level first. My hormones have never been "normal", and conventional medicine has never had any treatment for me except birth control pills. I've been pursuing more natural ways of supporting my body's hormonal balance for just a couple of years now, and I don't really have a handle on it yet. But I'm learning. And my hormones are changing. So it's a moving target.

I need to start posting about my studies, just to warn you. The cell biology fragment of my Organ Systems class has yielded the greatest portion of new information so far. Lots of terms to look up. Lots of vocababble. You guys don't have to read my nerdy study stuff, but I'm going to post it because I study well that way.

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