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Got my Oregon driver's license this morning. I passed the computerized driver's test with 82% correct. I didn't look at the rulebook, and took the test at high speed. The guy next to me had been working on it for a while, and when I started clicking up a storm next to him he sped up. The ones I missed were questions like "You should turn on your turn signal 50, 100, 150 or 200 feet before the turn?" I wanted to say "it depends".

Last night I cooked dinner for my housemates. I fried up some local organic pork chops in season salt and served them with white rice, just like my mother used to do. To finish cooking the chops I added water and fresh minced rosemary and covered the pan. When the meat was done I pulled it from the pan and added fresh lemon juice and brown mustard to the rosemary pork fat, and made a delicious sauce. Lisa had bought a bottle of cabernet, and I had already made a crunchy quinoa veggie salad. We had a pleasant meal, and Brian joined us for as long as it took him to wolf down his food. I must remember that sauce combo: rosemary, lemon and mustard. It was magnifique!

I have discovered that my room is the coldest one in the house. I have a lamp trained on my fingers as I type trying to warm them up. I also have an electric blanket that I use to pre-heat my bed in the evening. It makes all the difference. My sunrise alarm clock has arrived. It didn't stay plugged in last night because the big plug won't stay in the wall if I bump it. So I rearranged the plugs to put that one where I won't bump it in the night. Tomorrow morning I hope to awaken to my own personal sunrise.

Yesterday I didn't ride my bike, but today I'm going to. I haven't been back in the saddle since the day the little old lady hit my handlebar with her rearview mirror. I haven't found my spike yet, but I'm going to get one somewhere.

I'm also planning to attend a yoga class after my academics are completed for the day. Maybe yoga will break loose my stuck female cycle, or my too slow elimination. My whole body is stuck. I'll probably end up putting my bike on the bus on my way home, and that's OK.
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  • QotD: I Think

    I think, therefore I am... confused. --Benjamin Hoff in The Tao of Pooh

  • QotD: the cost of loving

    “If you’ve got a heart at all, someday it will kill you.” —Rita Dove, poet

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    "If you don't do it this year, you will be one year older when you do." -Warren Miller

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