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TGIF as they say. I have but one more class to attend, and it is the first half hour of histology lab that I missed yesterday because I thought I was done and got on the bus prematurely. I have an afternoon headache again. Seems like I have a headache every afternoon. I wonder if I'm just not getting enough liquids? Probably am not. I barely have time to eat meals. Today I figured out that I can order food from the "food cart" here at the school to be ready at a certain time. So I was able to order food before a class, and pick it up after that class, and cram it down in the 6 minutes that were left before the next class. Every class goes over the time limit so I don't have any time between. It is frustrating.

I had further frustration this morning trying to get my application faxed to a rental management company. I went all over the school trying offices and everybody told me that I could not fax there, I had to go somewhere else. I guess I'm going to have to buy some basic office equipment for my home office, because I cannot abide getting the runaround for a basic function such as faxing two pages. I am irritated with the disorganization and general chaos here. As I was caught saying publicly in the hall this morning, "there's a reason that naturopathy is not farther along".
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