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Money, Sushi, Zucchini and Light

I'm not used to moving around thousands of dollars in my accounts. Most of the time I'm playing with tens or maybe hundreds. I just paid off the credit card bill with the Uhaul rental on it (over 1.5K). And in the last two weeks I have spent approximately $430 on books. And today I found out that I really must buy a Merck Manual too. That's probably another $150. Now I have so many thousands left, and I'm wondering exactly how much I was spending before? It has been so long since I actually kept a budget. I simply put as much as I could into savings and then investments, and spent the remainder on sushi and rent. I lived large (by my standards). Here I would be living large but I haven't figured out how to yet. I see there's a sushi restaurant down the street but I'm sure it's overpriced. More important is that I haven't yet met the person that I want to invite to join me for sushi. Well maybe I have met that person, but I haven't figured out which of them it will be yet. A few people are beginning to stand out.

Anyway. I am posting between the rest of my paperwork. Next I need to fill out a rental application. And clean out the kitty litter box. And write up my cell biology notes in some intelligible form. And figure out what THE HECK I am doing tomorrow.

We're getting our cell bio review in three lectures from Heather Zwickey. I'm totally impressed with her and want to take all her classes on immunology. But in these lectures she moves so fast that she is a blinding streak to my eyes. She covers only the high points. The points are so high that I don't know what she is talking about half the time. Of course she used to teach at Yale Medical School, and can totally DO the east coast thing. I would get a lot more out of her lectures if I were smarter or better educated. So I guess she's really just not talking to me. She's talking to the people who already know this shit and want to get on with it.

Today Zwickey covered organelles. At the tail end of her "Nucleus" section she talked about how an organism emits light when it is winding and unwinding its DNA. The frequency of the light is related to the amount of winding and unwinding that is going on at a given instant. She told of a study which showed that a zucchini cut in half will "talk" to its other half with measurable beams of light, as measured inside a black box. And about how reiki master's hands also emit light when in the box trying to heal the zucchini. My inner skeptic kicked in hard at this point. She acts like she believes it. I think she does because she has invested her own time (3 years) in becoming a reiki master.


This evening I got on the bus toward home before I realized that I had one more class. I got off the bus and got back on one headed the other direction, showing up 30 minutes late for a 2 hour histology lab. I missed the intro, but I got to view all the slides. They looked really familiar. It was exactly the same cell types and tissues that I studied at Coconino Community College. The microscopes were in good shape. The biggest difference was that ergonomics had been considered in the setup. I could adjust my stool and the microscope until I could sit up straight to look. It made all the difference. I used to be terribly cramped and unhappy after hunching over a microscope for hours at CCC.

Part of what I'm doing tomorrow is making up the first 30 minutes of the histology lab. I'm doing better today. Still scrambled but better. The day just isn't long enough. And I've lost my watch again----it's going to alarm at 6am. I want to turn it off.


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Sep. 14th, 2007 01:39 pm (UTC)
What time do your classes start in the mornings? Can you sleep in, provided your watch alarm doesn't go off? Sounds like your days are busy, but good.
Sep. 14th, 2007 10:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm good with the classes though my brain feels fuzzy due to the stress. I'm not in my best mode for learning and will soon fall behind if I don't find my clarity again. Classes start late on Mon, Tues, very early on Weds, and moderately early on Thurs, Fri. Must go to class NOW.
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