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Educated Boozer Mutts for Ron Paul

Just ran across a great collection of stats and a post byrinku that I had to share. I've been following his posts on the LJ community ronpaul2008.

Here's something interesting.

For those who know how statistics work, this shows the correlation between those states that contributed the most to Ron Paul in Q2 2007 compared with hundreds of other statistics. For everyone else and for those who don't want to go through the numbers I'll summarize:

The top correlation is alcohol consumption: those states which drink the most alcohol tended to donate to Ron Paul the most.

Next comes race: those states with the highest percentages of people who proclaim their race as "Other" tended to donate to Ron Paul the most.

Next comes years of school: those states that have the highest average number of years of completed school tended to donate to Ron Paul the most.

Other correlations with donations to Ron Paul: Hispanic population (perhaps due to increased anti-illegal sentiment in those areas), marijuana use, prisoner deaths, UFO reports per capita (!), and the cost of health care.
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